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Sara Kerdi

Sara Kerdi

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    23 years
    158.00 cm


    • Performance Theater "Villa", dir. Julia Solodova

    (2017-2018, Kharkiv);

    • participation in the readings of the "Week of Actual Play",

    Authors of plays: Lena Lyagushonkova, Natalia Vorozhbyt;

    dir. Alina Kostyukova

    (2018-2019, Kyiv);

    • played in the UKF project in the play "This is not romance"

    based on the short story by M. Khvylovy;

    role - nun;

    dir. Ksenia Onishchenko

    (2019, Kyiv);

    • conducted teaching activities

    in the studio of theater and cinema "Romeo and Juliet" in Irpin

    (2019-October 2021);

    • worked as an actress in the "Puppet Theater on Chernihiv"

    (September 2020-September 2021);

    • opened acting courses

    together with "Golden Art Studio" for vocalists

    (November 2021, Gostomel).


    • the role of a student in the film "Oxygen Station";

    Dir. Ivan Tymchenko


    • the role of Margarita Timko, the series Follow 2 "Faithful Dog"

    (December 2021);

    • the role of a villager, TV series "Challenge"

    Dir. Alexander Goncharov

    (December 2021)


    • Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy 2016-2020.

    specialty practical psychology (bachelor)

    • Kharkiv National University of Arts. I. Kotlyarevsky 2016-2018

    Faculty of Theater Arts

    • Kyiv National University of Cinema and Television. I. Karpenko-Kary 2018-2020

    Faculty of Theater Arts (Bachelor)


    Key skills:

    • professional play in theater and cinema;

    • experience in performing dramatic and comic roles;

    • KMS on ballroom dancing (I quickly master any kind of dance);

    • I have been boxing with a coach for 1.5 years;

    • languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.


    Thank you for Your time and consideration.

    I am currently  in Sofia, Bulgaria

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