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Stanimir Mihaylov

Stanimir Mihaylov

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    28 years
    183.00 cm

    Higher education:

    Education: New Bulgarian University
    Specialty: Acting

    Theater performances:

    "The Lake" by Mikhail Durnenkov - directed by Desislava Shpatova
    "Seagull, seagulls, the seagull" by A.P. Chekhov - directed by Vazkresia Viharova
    "Ilinden" by D. Talev, directed by Bilyana Angelova and Asen Avramov
    Animal Farm by J. Orwell - directed by Desislava Shpatova
    "Smart Christmas performance" - directed by Maria Pavlova
    "Hot sports Tourformance" - directed by Vazkresia Viharova
    "Your story in me" - documentary theater - directed by Vazkresia Viharova
    "Medea" by Euripides - directed by Desislava Shpatova
    "Playback theater" - improvisational theater - directed by Antoineta Petrova
    "Forum theater" - improvisational theater - directed by Yanko Velkov
    "One picture - a million screens" - art performance - directed by Konstanza Getzova

    Additional training:

    Workshop with Nicolas Vercek, creator of the French theater troupe "Ktha"
    Workshop: Interzone - Didi Bruckmeier (Fuckhead)
    Hip-Hop workshop with Stéphane Seya Sabotinov
    "Movement spectrum" with Marion Durova and Vasil Zelyamov
    "Water: Reflections" - theater walk - directed by Catherine Porter and Barry Rowell

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