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Alexander Karagyozov

Alexander Karagyozov

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    27 years
    190.00 cm

    Actor | Conductor | Composer | Model (27) 🇧🇬

    I studied choral and orchestral conducting at the National Academy of Music "Prof Pancho Vladigerov" in Bulgaria (2015), then attended piano, composition and conducting intensives at The Juilliard School, NY (2021) and studied acting for stage and screen in one of the best classes at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, LA (2021).

    In 2013 I became assistant for film composer George Strezov and recording company Four For Music for 3 years. 
    In 2016 I become assistant conductor to celebrity conductor Yordan Kamdzhalov and travelled with him around Europe for three years supporting him and conducting orchestras with great success on stages all around Europe.
    In 2017 I took the positions of music director of the innovative vocal ensemble MLHS and manager of the international GENESIS ORCHESTRA. This gave me the opportunity to work with leading orchestras and choirs around Europe and to do concerts with great success. 
    In 2021 also became brand ambassador for Mindvalley and also worked in several Hollywood productions. In 2022 I interned in Nu Boyana Film Center for a short period. 

    I've also attended masterclasses in composition and conducting from industry leading names such as Hans Zimmer (2018), Lisa Gerrard (2018), Ennio Morricone (2014), Eric Whitacre (2019), Danny Elfman (2020), Jacob Collier (2020), Yordan Kamdzhalov (2020), Mark Shapiro (2021), Christopher Young (2015) and others and have had the chance to work with some of them on several occations, namely Lisa Gerrard, Ennio Morricone, Eric Whitacre and Yordan Kamdzhalov.

    In 2019 and 2020 I was part of Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir productions and helped produce the innovative CD Etudes of the Future (2020) by Music Laboratory for the Human Self and Yordan Kamdzhalov. 

    Through the years I've performed on stages around Europe and have been featured on CD's with global distribution. 
    I've also written the music for more than 100 movie and media productions and have conducted concerts with great success. 

    I've studied and worked in Hollywood and been part of several Hollywood feature films in 2021. In the last few years I've been part of several TV advertisements, short and full feature films and several larger productions such as ones by "Warner Bros" and others. 

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