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Krassimir Avramov
Actors, Talents, Voice Over, 49 years

Galia Kraychovska
Characters, 48 years

Angel Yanakiev
Characters, Talents, Voice Over, 40 years

Lydia Petkova
Characters, 45 years

Elvis Dimitrov
Actors students, 22 years

Bojidar Penchev
Characters, 20 years

Melina Hristova
Kids, 10 years

Valentin Vasilev
Characters, 23 years

Florance Todorova
Characters, 18 years

Lubomir Metodiev
Characters, 41 years

Vanesa Alexandrova
Characters, 23 years

Elena and Stefania Ivanovi
Characters, 34 years

Nikol Simeonova
Kids, 7 years

Samuil Vasilov
Kids, 4 years

Melina Staneva
Actors, 35 years

Alexander Dikov
Characters, 20 years

Ivan Ivanov
Actors, 27 years

Anna-Maria Yovkova
Characters, 19 years

Kamen Kostadinov
Characters, Talents, 15 years

Boris Kostadinov
Characters, Talents, 16 years