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I am finding 353 results

Manuela Yaneva
Characters, 31 years

Krasimir Savchev
Characters, 18 years

Magdalena Petkova
Characters, 15 years

Hazel Feizolu
Characters, 20 years

Viktoria Stoichkova
Characters, 29 years

Maria Maksurova
Characters, 17 years

Maria Petkova
Characters, 38 years

Yanitsa Dimitrova
Characters, 32 years

Vincent Valentinov
Characters, 20 years

Tasim Tasim
Characters, 27 years

Stefania Simeonova
Characters, 23 years

Nina Rueva
Characters, 47 years

Kirilka Basarova
Characters, 63 years

Ivon Dimitrova
Characters, 24 years

Galina Ivanova
Characters, 35 years

Galia Kraychovska
Characters, 48 years

Angel Yanakiev
Characters, Talents, Voice Over, 40 years

Lydia Petkova
Characters, 45 years

Bojidar Penchev
Characters, 20 years

Valentin Vasilev
Characters, 23 years